Installation unter Linux

For an initial installation a few requirements must be met. On Ubuntu or similar systems, most of these points already done.

For an update you can read on from the point install dacapo.

Install dacapo

For this example, we assume the current version is 1.9.b. You have to adapt this to the actual conditions. The install call must be done with root privileges, otherwise the programs can not be put in the necessary directories.

  1. Get the actual version and store it locally.
  2. In the directory containing the file, we extract it with the command:
    tar -xvzf dacapo-0.1.9.b.tar.gz
  3. Then we switch into the newly extracted directory:
    cd dacapo-0.1.9.b/
  4. And call as root, the installation script:
    sudo python install

Now are the scripts dacapo and dacapoui in the directory /usr/local/bin and thus can easily be started from the command line with their name.

Before starting the configuration should be adjusted. In any case, the path to the debug output should be checked, because this is absolutely necessary.

That's it.

If you like, of course you can still put a link on the desktop.