What is dacapo and for whom it is designed?

In short: dacapo is a small, lightweight Open Source music-player under GPLv3, which displays high-quality coverarts, images and lyrics as a special feature. The project is hosted at SourceForge, where it can also be . downloaded.

It is intended for people who maintain their digital music collection with a lot of love and work, and who enjoy it when playing the songs to get displayed (in full-screen mode) the coverart and other images, and even the lyrics to read along in sync.

Consequently, FLAC is supported as the preferred format, although other formats can be played.


What dacapo is not?

It is not a music management and cherishes no claim to be a comfortable and convenient everything playing media player. Playlists must be present, this can be done by excellent programs such as Quod Libet, or MP3Tag on Windows. With these programs, the metadata can be maintained, too.

It will not search pictures from the Internet, nor the lyrics. Who wants to have synchronous lyrics, has to synchronize them (or get synchronized lyrics). In order to obtain useful images for full-screen mode, you have to try yourself anyway.



  • Replay Gain is supported
  • Gapless Playback is supported (important during live music or transitions)
  • All metadata can be displayed, which is stored in the Audio files - freely configurable
  • All images (what is stored in the audio files) can be shown, e.g. as slideshow
  • Lyrics can be displayed as an additional image
  • Synchronized Lyrics can be displayed (like Karaoke)
  • Command line and graphical call possible
  • Runs on Linux
  • Runs on "small" computers (800 MHz with 1 GB RAM)
  • Is freely configurable
  • Plays (currently) FLAC, Ogg-Vorbis, WMA and MP3
  • Multilingual (Translator welcome)
  • Full-screen- and Window-modus